martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Todas las canciones hablan de mi.

Am I making you nervous? Am I making you fear?
I know that your anxious, so come over here
And look at my makeup, play with my hair
Take a peek under

I live for excitement, do you live for the ride?
Let's kiss for your camera, and then I'll decide
I'm attracted to chaos, attracted to rage
And I might offend you

See, I like to play nice, so I can be rude
I might be too forward, did I tell you too soon?
That I like the charade and I like to impose
Get me a drink

I'm young and I'm easily bored
Hey, hey, that's what the night is for
I've got add, so don't mess with me
'Cause I'm young and I'm easily bored

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